Curo housing association provide community voice and engagement in Bath. They host community focused events and groups as well as regularly running a number of skills workshops aimed at helping community members.

Kandu Arts worked in partnership with CURO, making two short films to promote their inspirational work. Community @ 67 is an organisation based in Keynsham near the Tintagel estate for all members to enjoy. 



We worked with Greensquare Housing Association between 2009 and 2013, providing community development and engagement at various locations, including Westcroft & Hill Rise.  

For a year we ran an evening group in Corsham, a holiday activities program and a residential week of filming, ultimately creating the short film 19 Free.


Every Child Matters

2003 – Ed Deedigan and Kandu invited to contribute to the Every Child Matters Green Paper consultation, regarding the engagement and needs of young people and their communities, available on the National Archives website.


Hear Our Voice

2009-10– Kandu and Young People Cornwall collaborated on the production of two short films.

Safe is an exploration of young women’s experience of controlling and co-ersive relationships, where On a Limb explores a response to domestic violence from the community and from young people.

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Royal Institution

2001 – Kandu presented Forum Theatre to present issues relating to the human and environmental concerns regarding the care and conservation of archives & collections at Museums –  titled Price no Object



2002 – We worked with grassroots organisation Groundswell to create a performance that toured in Bath, Bristol, Swansea, Salisbury, Nottingham, Swindon and London. The project, No Place Home, was initially funded by Melanie C.


DCMS & Tate Modern

Department Culture Media and Sport – DMCS Consultation and participation event at the Tate Modern for the Education and Social Policy Unit regarding perspectives in engagement of young people in policy making


Salford University

2009-11 – Smarter Communication – Salford University, Whit Lane, The Broughton Trust -  The brokering of relationships and sharing of academic, grassroots and community strengths and learning. Contribution of findings towards Smart City Futures conference.


First Light

2011 – The creation of four films. The Phantom, Blanked Out, Vicious Cycle, Bad to worse – created by young people from Kandu Arts alternative provision


Media Box

2010-2011 – A year long project with groups of marginalised young people in London, Wiltshire, Grimsby, Cornwall and Salford - entitled the Chemical And Capricious.

It resulted in a range of thought provoking works. Visit the Media Box website ->


Into Film

2013 – Two films scripted, filmed, directed and acted on location by young people exploring issues relating to their lives. Offside and Out of your depth, Funded by Into Film


Notton House School

2006-present, After school activities sessions, in school PHSE sessions, film, music and production films including ‘A night at Notton” with its alien invasion, and shorts with Father Christmas and mysteries in the classroom. The students learned all aspects of filmmaking from scripting to editing and overcame huge personal barriers to collaborate and act in ensemble pieces. Delivery encompassed many activities, team building and social skills development. 



2002 – Forum Theatre and consultation on sustainable business and community/ environmental responsibility.