30th   August 2005

30th August 2005

The POWWOW was a residential project at Lacock Abbey which was set up to create an intensive training program for young people from across the country, who wished to develop their skills to work in the community sector and more specifically within 'peer mentor' work.


The Project & Methodology

The methodology of developing peer mentors in the community sector levers upon the idea it is possible to use what is commonly termed as peer pressure in a positive way i.e. by training young people how to use the power of peer influence to benefit other young people by helping to guide and support them to make more informed and better choices.

The project was developed by Kandu Arts For Sustainable Development and The GO partnership - a community-led regeneration programme that operated in Camden who have been exploring the next suitable training opportunities for some of their young people. With thanks to the National Trust Lacock with whom we collaborated on Festival 3000 and many other workshops.

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