shatter (2016)

Music by

Melanie C

directed by

Stephen Wickings

Life is what happens to you whilst you are busy making other plans
— John Lennon

A Kandu Arts for Sustainable Development production, starring Stuart Marno, Ed Deedigan, Lee Dowse, Eve Doyle. Produced by Ed Deedigan.

The film was shot in just nine and a half days and tells the story of a middle-aged Detective who forges an unusual relationship with a Soho prostitute. Whilst Stephen was at Kandu Arts, Ed Deedigan Director of Kandu challenged him to come up with a film idea in a day and then to make a film whilst working with young people.

"I wanted Stephen to see art doesn't just mean painting and drawing, film is an art too. By getting people involved in acting and working behind the scenes, it builds their skills and takes their mind off things that may not be so great in their lives at the moment," Deedigan said.

Stephen explains what his film is about:
"The story revolves around a young guy called Luke. At the beginning of the film you find out he's living on the streets. Whilst on the streets he befriends a mugger called Jason and becomes his look out. And the film takes a dramatic twist at the end."

After the script was written, it took only a few days of intense filming to complete Stephen's master piece. The production involved around 20 people and was shot mainly in Chippenham and Salisbury.

And Stephen is looking forward to a future in the film industry:
"I would love to direct movies, I've already written a follow up to Shatter as I enjoyed the film making experience so much. I find coming up with a film idea easy, but the filming process is difficult. Making it what you want is so hard, you need to get the filming just right.

"I'm not too sure I'm heading to Hollywood but I definitely hope I have a future in the film industry."