The Chemical and Capricious

A year long project with groups of marginalised young people in London, Wiltshire, Grimsby, Cornwall and Salford exploring perception of self and community through film, photography and fine art & music with exhibitions in each location and final exhibition at Lacock following a residential in Oxenwood with participants from each Location. Entitled the Chemical And Capricious it resulted in a range of thought provoking works The Chemical and Capricious “A Glimpse Within”.

A National Touring Project, Funded by Mediabox, facilitated by Kandu Arts

This exhibition shows the final pieces created by young people exploring their own and wider world’s perception of each other, and the communities in which they live, through a range of media.

The process has allowed young people to express their thoughts and perceptions of themselves and others within their local area. There is exploration about how their local area is perceived by others and how they experience it themselves.  They look at stereotypes and what it is like to be a young person in their community.  

The pieces were created with support from arts and media professionals enabling the young people to try to explore new avenues of expression or in some cases further develop their existing interest in media and creativity.  The project was facilitated in such a way to allow the participants a hands on self empowering, empathic way of working which it is hoped will serve them well, in all areas of their lives.

Thai Harris Wilson presents 'Through The Wall of Reality'