Whatever (2005)

A National Housing Associations award winning project in partnership with several years of provision of mentoring, team building and ready-for-work skills development and facilitation to 16-24 year olds on Westlea/Greensquare Housing employability programme. 

Working with Greensquare Group over the years

2005-present - Community development and engagement at various locations including Westcroft, Hill Rise etc in Chippenham. Reported reductions in conflict and antisocial behaviours as part of the programmes. 

Evening group for year engaging young people in Potley Corsham, plus holiday activities programme and a residential week of filming the 20 minute film about marginalised young people in a not too future society - 19 Free. This used to inform discussion and provision of interventions and activities for their community in a forum with Westlea (Greensquare) housing.

A history of working with Greensquare grows. For example, 40+ young people from Calne, Corsham and Chippenham created and performed in the pantomime Badladdin to a joyous audience at the Olympiad. See our page Building Sustainable Businesses for more.