The DVD cover for Everything

everything (2004)

BAFTA nominated (2005) for Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a British Director

Everything won the Silver Award at the Cairo Film Festival


Ray Winstone
Jan Graveson

Directed by

Richard Hawkins


Produced by

Kandu Arts

Sharply written and superbly acted
— Hotdog

Kandu, having worked extensively with young people involved in Prostitution in Bristol, exploring the impact of this on all involved is keenly observed in the Kandu Arts produced film – Everything.

The perfomances are terrific...and the the direction is keen and beautifully tempered
— Time Out

A newspaper cutting covering the film

Kandu Arts at the 2006 BAFTAs for Everything

Kandu Arts at the 2006 BAFTAs for Everything

When Richard (Ray Winstone) visits a London prostitute called Naomi (ex-Eastender Jan Graveson) 9 times over 9 consecutive days, without once soliciting a single sexual favour, something is awry. Richard doesn't want sex from Naomi; but, he does want something. He wants to know everything about her: what she does, who she is and how she feels about herself.

Naomi is justifiably uncomfortable and suspicious, but she's also very intrigued. As their relationship intensifies with every visit, the suspense around Richard's motivations heightens. The outcome is both powerful and unexpected. The cinematography is intoxicating and the soundtrack hypnotic. Everything is proof that independent British cinema is alive and well.

Ray and Lois Winstone at Damon Albarn's studio, recording 'Tender' for the sound track of Everything

A lean, economical affair, Everything does wonders with its limited resources. Top drawer acting grants it a rare strength and intimacy.
— Anthony Holden