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Why Music?

Music is one of the most accessible and most researched mediums of art and healing. In using it the emphasis is on the soothing capacity of music and its ability to offset what may be overly technological and medical approaches to care. In particular, music has been shown to decrease anxiety. The pleasure shared by participants in the process of sharing and creating music can help to restore emotional balance as well going some way to helping with health at all ages.

There is also some evidence that suggests that some auditory stimulation, can reduce pain, and be part of a strategy for achieving control over pain and wider difficulties.


Recording music in the studio at Kandu Arts

Some of the science behind it has demonstrated that Music can calm neural activity in the brain, which may lead to reductions in anxiety, and that it may help to restore effective functioning in the immune system partly via the actions of the amygdala and hypothalamus. As the activity levels of neurons in the emotional brain decrease in response to calming effects of music, there may be corresponding reductions in the signals being sent to other parts of the brain.


Music is integral to Kandu Arts’ way of working – We have a fully equipped music performance and recording studio (studio 19B) in Chippenham where numbers of young people through after school clubs, Youth Music programme, daily Alternative provision, and for individual projects access and explore music alongside our experienced facilitators to learn instruments, record, sing, compose original pieces and song-write, etc..

Young people with communication difficulties have demonstrated reduced anxiety and positive interactions through their participation in music (in particular, drumming).

We are an associate organisation of Wiltshire Music Connect which indicates that  we have been through an application process which assesses skills and abilities as teachers / tutors / music leaders as well as knowledge of Safeguarding.  We have proved that up to date DBS / Insurance and Child Protection training are in place and we have made a commitment to develop skills on an ongoing basis through training & continuing professional development. Our work is connected to a wider network of advice support and progression opportunities.

Pictures from the Musical You project


Bands from Oxxblood, Bitter End Boat Club, New Luna, Ed Deedigan, Jessica Sally to name but a few have rehearsed and recorded in the studio as well as a number of solo artists and of course the Kandu Collective – a group of like minded musicians alongside Ed Deedigan who have rehearsed and performed and recorded for Eps albums, singles and in preparation for Gigs.

Melanie C

Former Spice Girl Melanie C has been a long time supporter of Kandu. Having great empathy for our work and a keen understanding of the struggles faced by so many marginalised and disadvantaged people as well as the impact of socio economic and mental health difficulties faced by so many people.

Money raised through sales of the song “If That Were Me” on Melanie’s Northern Star Album supported the No Place Home Project and also features on the film Shatter, produced by Kandu Arts. 

Melanie also recorded Viva Life which was included in the soundtrack of Kandu’s independent film "Bash Street", UK 2011 at studio 19b. The film, which featured at Bath film festival premiered at the Astoria Chippenham, is about real-life experiences of crime, growing up and relationships taking place a small town in United Kingdom.


Kandu team and young people and members of the wider community have performed at numerous events over the years from The Neeld Hall in Chippenham, Bristol, Bath, Open mic evenings, Kandu Kabaret, The Citadel, and most recently at the Launch of Harbour Fest to celebrate Swindon City of Sanctuary as part of the Safe and sounds project.


We have also created original music for films and productions such as Postcard to Perranporth (2015), Offside (2013), Out of Your Depth (2013) and others. 

Check out some of the videos for songs we have put together throughout our time below.

Bright Lights (2017)

Bright Lights (2017)

Song for Amy Morgan (2015)

Song for Amy Morgan (2015)

Make Your Way (2013)

Make Your Way (2013)

Kandu Kristmas Kracker (2011)

Kandu Kristmas Kracker (2011)

Musical You (2009)

Musical You (2009)

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