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Meet The Team

The highly experienced and wonderful wider Kandu team encompasses so many talented staff and volunteers from a wealth of skills and disciplines - musicians, film-makers, teachers, therapists, community artists, administrators, designers, trainers, sports leaders, photographers, music teachers, skills too numerous to mention - all trained and DBS checked.

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Ed Deedigan

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As director of Kandu Arts for Sustainable Development and a director of Kandu Arts Community Projects CIC,  Ed has over 25 years experience of working with, for, and giving voice to marginalised individuals and groups. Using his experience in the music industry and more recently in film making Ed knows and uses the potential of Arts mediums along with strong mentoring and support to bring about change, empower individuals and communities locally and nationally.

Kandu’s multifaceted methodology and success has led to Ed being invited as consultant on many areas regarding community engagement, sustainable practices and in working with and giving voice to young people and their communities. Ed regularly contributes to a local newspaper column, writes topical songs and collaborates on film projects.


Donna Lee

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A qualified teacher and psychotherapist, project Manager, Donna has over 25 years experience working with marginalised groups in schools and third sector organisations. A director of Kandu Arts Community Projects CIC, Donna administrates and delivers Kandu projects. She loves to work in all areas of Kandu.

By using visual and digital arts, sports, cooking, outdoor activities, talking, teaching and loads of playing she has found that building strong positive interpersonal relationships through nurturing and mentoring enables people to grow, make positive choices and have a wide impact in challenging inequality and disaffection. Donna is a keen creative writer and outdoor leader.

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Maja Boskovic

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A qualified designer, artist and talented musician, Maja brings her calm sense of fun and play into supporting all in developing their skills and projects.

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John Savage

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Enthusiastic all round fitness and sports enthusiast along with musical skills and ability to fix things John mentors our young people throughout their time with Kandu.

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Che Deedigan

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Award winning young film maker and keen photographer Che is committed to helping all Kandu participants in working towards fulfilling their potential.

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Sam Colman

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Sam supports us all behind the scenes with admin, office supplies and in supporting the additional bits of young peoples and community projects.

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John Savage

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A Bafta nominated filmmaker living in London. He specialises in writing and directing whilst keeping his passion for ethical causes – and projects with a positive message, close to heart. His training as a Director, Facilitator and collaborator enables everyone who is involved in the project to voice their ideas. He has many years experience working with Kandu and delivering alternative provision and in film and community projects.

Conor's experience with theatre, as well as his training as an actor ensures he gets the best out of people. His knowledge of literature allows for a detailed exploration into storytelling; helping him to sculpt the journey of a character or subject. His insight into film, and other forms of artwork, help him to visually express the atmosphere, mood and themes of the story.

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Tom works in Manchester and performs with his successful band New Luna. When not away, Tom works alongside us at Kandu in the delivery of projects and uses his superb skills in music recording and mastering to produce quality pieces from Studio B.

He has a passionate and empathic understanding of the needs of Kandu’s participants along with a keen ear for detail and arrangement.

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Toby is a double Bafta winner who lives in London, where he works as an Editor and Cinematographer. He keeps his morals close to heart, and enjoys working on projects with a positive message and good cause. His ample industry experience shooting and editing for a range of different clients ensures that the product he creates not only looks beautiful, but also fits brand guidelines.

Toby's work has ranged from facilitating disadvantaged young people, to making promotional videos for large clients. The range of work that he has completed ensures a broad perspective on any issues that arises throughout production, and his keen eye for detail ensures a visually interesting piece of art.

His diligent handling of work ensures timely delivery of projects, to an impeccable standard. He has a polite manner and his systematic workflow always results in a happy client at the end of a project.

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Jack is a secret nerd at heart with a passion for filmmaking. He is a freelance filmmaker and broadcast TV camera assistant/operator. He first started out working in plumbing and heating, but his creativity and imagination led him to pick up a digital camera and began shooting goofy short videos. Now after 6 years of broadcast TV experience Jack is now acting as a camera assistant to a variety of camera operators.

Jack now works for the BBC; has experience with foreign filming, and an empathic passion for people, which helps him get the best out of contributors and the crew and particularly young people with life challenges.

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Film Practitioner and Facilitator – Wayne is a multidisciplinarian with 10 years experience across the film industry and also in facilitating film projects with young people. He is one third of Bentley, Bentley and Bentley.

He has an in depth technical understanding, and a keen sense of humour. He prides himself in creating a calm and light environment on set to allow people to create outstanding work in a safe and efficient fashion. He also plays the drums, is a keen photographer and loves to cook.   

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Trish works with young people in Cornwall and joins us for specific projects. She is also a Director of Kandu Arts Community Projects Community Interest Company.

Trish has been working with young people for the past 12 years. She has always recognised the value of using creativity in all its forms as a way of building confidence and self-esteem and as a platform for giving young people a voice.

Trish qualified in Teaching and facilitating Arts projects after studying at Falmouth University of Arts and gained an M.A in History of Modern Art and Design.

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Kris is an established actor, short film maker and young peoples’ facilitator in London. He works alongside us on a number of projects, most recently First Class where he collaborated in writing the piece and he edits. He uses his creativity and passion for giving voice to the marginalized.

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Jake is a music therapist and community facilitator with a wide range of experience working with young people from facilitating residentials to teaching mathematics. He has been involved in grassroots social action fighting government cuts and climate change, and has supported many campaign groups and community groups in his work as a facilitator and conflict mediator. He loves working with young people and is often inspired by their resilience and creativity

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