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Social Hub of Positivity (S.H.O.P)

You can find our Social Hub Of Positivity (S.H.O.P) in unit 11 of Emery Gate Shopping Centre, Chippenham. This welcoming space is more than just a hub – it's a sanctuary where individuals of all backgrounds can come together to connect, create, and express themselves freely. Committed to inclusivity, the S.H.O.P is a registered warm place and prides itself on being autism-friendly.Inside Kandu’s S.H.O.P is a world of endless possibilities as it constantly buzzes with activity and creativity. From seasonal events to engaging workshops centred around art, music, crafts, films, and stimulating talks, there's always something exciting happening here. Visitors are also welcome to browse through a unique selection of locally produced artwork and crafts that are for sale, each piece infused with the unique spirit of our community. Our window display changes regularly, inspired by a new ‘Artist of The Week.’ Many thanks to Eagle One for our original unit and to Chippenham Riverside Ltd., (part of Acorn Property Group) for supporting us currently in reimagining the use of empty retail space to support the community. We would also like to thank our team of volunteers who do a great job running the S.H.O.P.

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