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From the POWWOW to New Mexico, from Wales to Nottingham to Cornwall to Wiltshire the Residential experience has been crucial since Kandu’s earliest Days. Working, living, playing, eating alongside others in an unfamiliar (often rural) environment gives a huge opportunity to build empathy and understanding for the self and others.

Through games, outdoor and indoor activities, art, conversations, films, music and sport the Kandu Residentials are a vital part of the year and, as many have reported, give a launching point for change in individuals’ sense of possibility and actuality.  We take diverse groups away and create peaceful, creative environments with young people and their mentors all working together to design future projects, film, budget, cook and team build.


Peer mentor training in Wales

The methodology of developing peer mentors in the community sector levers upon the idea it is possible to use what is commonly termed as peer pressure in a positive way i.e. by training young people how to use the power of peer influence to benefit other young people by helping to guide and support them to make more informed and better choices.

The young people have often worked together on bids to secure funding for the residentials. A particular thanks to the team at Oxenwood Education Centre for all their support and welcome over the years and in future visits.

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