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Postcard From Perranporth

Starring : Ed Deedigan, Ed Gaughan, Gordon Trafford

Directed By : Conor Deedigan


Postcard from Perranporth is the third feature film from Kandu Arts.

As with our earlier films, it features a cast combining professional actors and community members. Ed Gaughan (Skeletons etc) and Gordon Trafford, former Head Teacher at John Bentley school to name but two. Postcard from Perranporth is a true collaboration, with a cast and crew from Chippenham and Cornwall.

The premiere of Postcard From Perranporth

This film grew from an idea proposed by a young person attending Kandu where she imagined a place where a troubled youngster wakes up and finds herself living in an idyll a million miles from the home life she was used to.

Young people in Cornwall told us about their lives and we began to wonder if the places so many people want to escape to for the holidays and the sun are really any different. Following the process of consultation and collaboration used in our previous films, and drawing on perceptions of place, stereotype and that whatever the picture postcard presentation, everywhere has it's dark side. Writer Ed Deedigan pulled the various stories into a whole.

With the help of the much respected former Head Teacher of one of the young story tellers, Postcard from Perranporth was written and dispatched bringing sunshine, sea and .............

Kandu Arts, Trish Hoskin and her team Reach Out, have worked together in St Dennis, Cornwall over a series of years. As a result of this film, several young people gained their Arts Awards and have been inspired to continue their creative journeys.

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