We have found that Kandu’s methodology and process connects with [her] very successfully indeed - it has given her opportunities and self confidence she has not had before
— Childrens Service Bristol

Click to enlarge the above written letter from one of our young people, received after a residential experience.
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I find Kandu to be excellent working partners. They communicate in a timely clear way. They are very skilled in the work that they do and make real, meaningful connections with young people at risk. I have gone to their sessions and see that they are highly regarded by the young people with whom they work.

I believe that it is because young people feel heard, respected and supported by Kandu
— Community Worker
A young person proudly presenting their work

A young person proudly presenting their work

From the horse's mouth

“It has helped me realise I might as well get on with it”

“I've started to think before I shout at someone and to calm down more easily”

Thank you for supporting us and ‘kicking’ us in the right direction. Thank you always”

“You’re the calmest and non judgemental person we know, thanks for always listening”

We have found that Kandu’s methodology connects with the young people in a way that other interventions do not and our young people are clearly enjoying and achieving in the environment provided
— Headteacher, Virtual School for Looked After Children

"The unique philosophy behind Kandu Arts and the passion and commitment from the whole staff team have helped this young man develop self-esteem and self confidence through the promotion of his passion for music and acting.

"Furthermore, they have supported him with the continuing of his education through creative writing projects and enabled him to undertake GCSE’s in English, a subject which he has always been very good at but due to a substantially reduced resilience no-one believed he would be able to sit, least of all him."

– Social worker, Wootton Bassett/Malmesbury/Calne Children and Families Team


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