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Kandu Art’s Youth-Led Music Showcase

Updated: May 14

It's Quiet are a young band based in Chippenham, Wiltshire who came together through Kandu Arts for Sustainable Development
Image of up-and-coming band, It's Quiet!

Kandu Art’s Youth-Led Music Showcase 

Mark your calendars! On April 27th, 2024, we're coming together to celebrate the power of music and support some talented young artists. 

At the heart of Kandu Arts lies a deep appreciation for music and the power it holds. The benefits of participation cannot be understated. A study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NLBI), states that music can enhance the health and wellbeing of participants, boosting mood, cognition, resilience, expression and behaviour, and can be particularly effective for those with additional needs and for boosting mental health.  

About our Chippenham-Based Music Studio 

Kandu Arts, Studio 19B, stands as a vibrant Wiltshire Music Connect hub, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for music performance and recording. It is here that minds of all ages converge through various avenues such as after-school clubs, daily alternative provision, or individual projects to learn to play instruments, refine their vocal skills, compose original pieces or delve into the art of songwriting. Our studio is a safe space where participants can freely express themselves through sound and the creation of music and is used as a practice space for young aspiring bands and older musicians alike. 

The Kandu Arts Music Event 

To celebrate the profound impact music has on our lives, we're excited to announce an exciting musical collaboration set to take place on April 27th, 2024, from 12pm-3pm. This eagerly anticipated event promises to be a vibrant celebration of creativity and talent. Taking place at the Rotary Hall on Station Hill, Chippenham. What sets this event apart is its unique origin – from advertising to the PA system, this event has been coordinated from start to finish by exceptionally talented students from Chippenham College. These students are part of a Kandu Arts music mentoring programme and also members of bands who are regularly rehearsing/recording in Kandu’s studio. They have poured their passion and creativity into curating an unforgettable evening that showcases the best of our young local music scene. 

About The Bands 

The event will include a lineup of young local musicians, who will take centre stage to share their mesmerising melodies and captivating stories with the audience. One of the bands that will be performing, ‘It’s Quiet!’, came together through Kandu Art’s Social Hub Of Positivity (S.H.O.P) two years ago at age fifteen. Kandu offered them a place to rehearse and since then, they have performed at the Minety Festival, as well as Kandu’s annual community festival, Unlock Reset, which has been a massive success three years running. 

Joining the lineup is another remarkable band, The Vivas, who since joining the Kandu Arts Music mentoring programme, will be playing on the Kandu Stage at Minety Festival and Unlock Reset - Undoubtedly a band on the brink of greatness.  

We hope to see you there! 

Learn more about how music is integral to Kandu Arts’ way of work on our ‘Why Music’ page or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on news and events.

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